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Single Review: Emily Anderson Released New Single “Hugs”

By: Colin Naughton

Emily Anderson, the singer/songwriter from Alaska, has released a new single “Hugs.” The Berklee College of Music graduate sings of hope, nature and space in her warm and emotive music.

“Hugs” is such a playfully warm cheerful track. Anderson sings about wanting to hug all of her friends and be able to embrace her loved ones after this pandemic is over. It is such a hopeful song that brings a ray of happiness to your heart as you listen. Anderson’s voice is so calming, pleasant and angelic. The guitar playing is perfect and vibrant, welcoming the tones of the song perfectly. It is such a relatable theme, so many friends and family members haven’t been able to see each other in months due to this pandemic. It really puts into perspective what is important in our lives. I would highly encourage everyone to give “Hugs” a listen. If you are feeling sad or lost this track provides some comfort and will create a warming feeling within that will bring happiness.

You will be able to stream “Hugs” on your preferred streaming service as well as watch the music video on YouTube. You can follow Emily Anderson on Instagram and Facebook.

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