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Single Review: Jessica Jimenez Set to Release New Single “Girlfriend”

By: Colin Naughton

Singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado, Jessica Jimenez is set to release new single “Girlfriend” on April 19th, 2021. This is the first single released by Jimenez after a 3 year hiatus. Now she is back and ready to share more music with the world. “Girlfriend” is a pop song with a strong bass and energetic beat throughout. Jimenez’s vocal tone matches well with the music and flow of the song. I enjoy the subtle guitar playing that can be heard at the beginning of the track and in the background over the duration of “Girlfriend.” Jimenez keeps a good rhythm while singing and delivers the lyrics in a great pop fashion. She sings about a boy she used to love being in a relationship with someone else. A common and relatable theme that has inspired pop music for many years. Listeners can relate to Jimenez’s lyrics and feel a sense of comfort knowing that many people have gone through the same struggles with one of the greatest human emotions, love. You will be able to stream Jessica Jimenez’s new single “Girlfriend” on your preferred streaming service starting April 19th, 2021 and you can follow Jimenez on Instagram.

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