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Single Review: Kim Cameron Releases New Single “Don’t Give Me No”

By: Colin Naughton

Multi-award winning Deep House/EDM singer/songwriter Kim Cameron and her band, Side FX, have released new single “Don’t Give Me No” on June 26th, 2021.

“Don’t Give Me No” provides dance lovers with a chilling, moody tune that sends listeners to the dance floor. Simpler vocals with light airy touches surrounding each verse. It’s a love song that speaks to lovers who light fire when they are together and moving in the same direction. The radio and club remixes are by the famous Bimbo Jones Duo and will rock your world with these heavy addicting mixes that move your body in every direction. The beat is energizing, carrying power all throughout. Cameron’s voice is great, producing catchy hooks, and wonderful melodies. “Don’t Give Me No” is a great dance song with cool beats and music paired with excellent vocals. It’s a track that will get the crowd dancing!

You can stream “Don’t Give Me No” on Spotify and you can follow Kim Cameron on Instagram!

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