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Single Review: Maro DēLo Releases New Single “Magic Garden”

Written by Colin Naughton

Rising Pop-Rock singer/songwriter, Maro DēLo, has released a new single titled “Magic Garden” on July 2nd, 2021. Heavily influenced by Blues, Rock and Pop music; DēLo's songs tell stories that make his listeners feel less alone and make them feel heard!

“Magic Garden” is another pop-rock hit by Maro DēLo. I really love the intro guitar playing, the rhythm guitar lays down a great chord progression that produces happy and joyful sounds then DēLo comes in with a great little solo. Once DēLo begins singing you just feel a warm feeling come over you as your worries and troubles float away with the music. The chorus provides the listener with a sense of encouragement and relatability, assuring them that everything is going to be okay and things will get better. DēLo has a great voice that is a strong driving force in this track, along with his brilliant guitar playing. “Magic Garden” is a song that gives off such a great vibe and happy cheerful feeling with great vocals, lovely guitar playing and inspirational lyrics.

You can stream “Magic Garden” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Maro DēLo on Instagram and Facebook.

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