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Single Review: My Friends Call Me Mel Releases New Single “Wildflowers”

By: Colin Naughton

Texas raised singer songwriter, Melanie M Scheiber otherwise known by her musical project name My Friends Call Me Mel, releases new single “Wildflowers” on April 16th, 2021. This track has an indie pop vibe to it. “Wildflowers” has a calm, soothing beat to it with the drumming driving home the heart of the song. It creates a warm feeling that pairs wonderfully with Mel’s beautiful voice. The vocals are heartwarming, soothing, comforting, angelic, and provide such a great atmosphere while you listen. The transitions throughout the track are spot on creating slower emotional verses and then breaking into energetic upbeat ones. “Wildflowers” is a well put together song that puts the main focus on highlighting Mel’s awesome singing voice and having the music speak to the listener and provide them with a warm feeling inside.

Melanie’s musical approach is inspired by wanting her songs to feel like a friend, encouraging and empowering the listener and you can tell that she is accomplishing that goal in her single “Wildflowers.” Music has always allowed Mel to understand her emotions and let her imagination run free.

You will be able to stream “Wildflowers” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow My Friends Call me Mel on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok.

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