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Single Review: Savannah Pope Releases New Song “You’re Such a Human Being”

By: Colin Naughton

Rock singer/songwriter, Savannah Pope, released new single “You’re Such a Human Being” on April 5th, 2021. This is her first release of 2021.

This song has such a playful musical intro to it. It makes me think of circus music right off the bat. It has a slow up and down rhythm to it, almost reminiscent to gypsy music. The music takes a back seat to Pope’s incredibly powerful voice. The track is able to highlight her beautiful singing abilities. Pope’s voice reminds me of a Stevie Nicks or Adele type of talent. She is able to hit the high drawn out notes perfectly.

“You’re Such a Human Being” holds so much emotional and personal meaning for Savannah Pope. She sings of her experience of when she was kidnapped at the age of 14 in the middle of the night by the Troubled Teen Industry. In the song she sings about how she saw these people as monsters who had abused her for years and scarred her childhood and now she sees them for what they really are which is damaged, disturbed human beings. It is a very powerful song with meaningful lyrics, Pope hopes will be able to help anyone struggling with a similar issue as hers. You can see the artistic expression she exudes in this song and music video and how her art has been a way for her to confront her fears and past trauma.

You can stream “You’re Such a Human Being” on your preferred streaming service, you can watch the music video on YouTube and follow Savannah on Instagram and Facebook.

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