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The multi-talented Singer/ Songwriter La Vivi talks about the "beautiful ballad" of Stay.

What inspired Stay?

The backing track to the song was originally recorded in 1973 in Paraguay by IODI who at the time were signed to EMI. Also, some of the lyrics were written back then but no vocals were added and the track was shelved. It lay incomplete until 2020. By then, I was recording some tracks with IODI Clásico which is another project that I am part of. I’m the lead singer, and my uncle Jörn (Wenger) who was one of the cofounders of IODI, is the producer. That was when we decided to revisit Stay. We worked on the song and eventually I laid down the vocals to a song that IODI had started to write in 1973. Forty-seven years after the first recording session and this beautiful ballad was finished!

How does this song differentiate from your songs in the past? The songs I have sung in the past ranged from singer-songwriter and jazz to dance, even with a little bit of Latin. But Stay is the first seventies inspired, really romantic, slow song for me. And since it is a collaboration with my uncle , it means a lot more to me than my other songs. It’s also the first song that we’ve recorded that has actually been released by a label, Tangential Music. I am so happy about that! It is great to have people working behind the scenes helping me out with everything! How did you know when the song was finished? I didn’t at first! I sang the vocals here in Munich. For that, I only had that track from 1973. It was a rough mix, not the song that Stay turned out to be at the end. So... I recorded the vocals, all of them, and sent all the files back to Paraguay where the song was produced and mastered in the legendary IODI Studios in Asunción. And then I waited impatiently until my uncle, Jörn Wenger finally sent the finished track back to me. Of course, he asked me if I liked it or if there was anything I would like to change, but it was perfect. That’s when I knew the song was finished. Who did you share the song with first? With my family! My husband and my two girls are always the first ones to listen to my new songs. And then my parents. It is really important to me to know what they all think of my songs. If they like them, it’s all good. At the end of day, no one is more honest than one’s family, right? And mine can be brutally honest. What's next for La Vivi? Next thing up are songs that I have recorded in Spanish and in Mandarin with IODI Clásico. I am really, really excited about hitting the Chinese market. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about the songs and about my Chinese. I’m not scared though, because I can actually speak Mandarin and I know that my pronunciation isn’t bad at all. Also, I am thinking about my next single. I have a couple of songs that I have recorded and I am trying to figure out if I want to release one of those next, or maybe record a completely new song. We will see. It’s an exciting time for me. Where can fans connect and listen to you?

My single “Stay“ is available on all digital platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes and Amazon. And so will the next songs that I will release with the help of the label Tangential Music.

They can find me on Facebook: On TikTok: Lavivimusic on Instagram: La Vivi. My homepage is: For Press Inquiries:

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