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Kristen Ford is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, TN. Her live looping show layers beatboxing, harmonies, guitar, and drums and has wowed audiences from Boston to Berlin, rawkus Pride Festivals to pin-drop listening rooms. And now she's talking to US about what is going on for her music in 2022!!

Kristen! Thank you for taking this interview! Happy New Year! Is there a new you when it comes to your music in 2022?

Hey Tasty New Music! Thank YOU for having me on. I am always pushing the envelope and evolving as an artist, 2022 I'm looking forward to releasing some b-sides that just didn't make the time limit (vinyl) of my last release "war in the living room" plus I have some singles I'm excited to release.

Talk to us about your upcoming music?

I just dropped two singles from the Valentine Crush soundtrack, it's a roller derby horror film and I loved creating a rock tune and an indie ballad for the film. I'm releasing two, two-song EPs on 02.22.2022 one at 2:22 am and another at 2:22 pm. One will be called Two and the other II fittingly.

Why did you pick that name for it?

It's such a cool date! Got to run with it!

Does it ever get stressful when you have to come up with a title?

At the beginning of my career, I remember getting so stressed about album art- why can't I just focus on music! But now I look at every aspect of my job, from creating visuals, merch, music videos, choosing stage outfits, titles, bios, press releases, working with hairstylists or makeup artists, it's all part of the fun and a really amazing opportunity to collaborate. I might have a neat idea but then working with someone who's calling is in graphic design or fashion or writing or cinematography really brings the idea to life. Art is so cool and I love artists. We are all so weird and awesome.

What have been some challenges that you got through in the making of this music?

I think dealing with covid has been an ongoing struggle. How do you connect with audiences when you can't plan a tour? How do you get together to rehearse if a bandmate is quarantining? I have been doing my best to lower my risks and keep on living life. I just love playing music live and traveling too much to put it on hold indefinitely.

What kind of journey do you want to take your fans on when they listen to the music?

I think that's up to them! I'd love it if they felt something authentic, or if there's a hook that gets stuck in their head, or just a beat that helps them enjoy a drive or workout or whatever. Music is the soundtrack of life!

What can you not wait for about your upcoming music?

I can't wait to keep releasing tunes! It's amazing how with digital distribution we can get music out in any format, single, album, ep, remaster, etc and just keep evolving. My single "Radio" has over 34,000 spins, and that is an amazing feeling, so many ears finding my song. You never know what track will resonate with listeners.

Favorite reaction so far to the single from those who have heard it?

I love when I get texts from friends or fans that I surprise them on their release radar. My dad heard "Roll on" and said- "nice laugh" which is fun because I was going for really evil and diabolical and here my pops thinks it's all cute.

How does everyone go to listen?

Check out the music video

And have a listen to my spotify channel

all the social links and music links at

Drop a hint of a surprise you have a instore next!

Two records on 2.2.2022! Also hitting the road for a national tour this spring and summer.

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