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"I aim to be something that the world hasn’t seen before.”

A voluminous voice; blue tresses; a conviction for varied love; a pen that protects and liberates at once. These are the superpowers of recent Penn State grad and future rock star, Camryn. This Wonder Woman beams with a style and swagger that is as electric as it is singular. Her performance prowess, perspective and rebellion x heroine energy are primed to build her a comfortable home on the desolate land between today’s Rock & Roll and Pop. Camryn has opened for One Direction & Fifth Harmony, continuously leaving audiences in awe with her confidence and undeniable talent. Camryn’s momentum and flare was poured into the release of her EP “Love Maps”. The day has come where Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato fans may have a new favorite.

How are you charging up with all you got going on right now with your music?

Now that I am a proud Penn State graduate;) I have MUCH more energy and time to focus on making music and performing!! I am super charged up about that and I am so excited to see what this next year has in store for me!!!

How much space do you give your music to breathe in all your efforts to make it just right for you?

My music always has to feel and be authentic. I will not force anything that doesn’t feel right. I allow myself the space to create and grow within my music.

Does your sound have to feel just right for you or your fans?

I believe my sound should feel right for me initially in order for me to feel confident it will feel right for my fans! You just know when you have something special in the studio during the recording process and you just hope and pray that it translates for the fans to love as well once you release it!

Forging on through obstacles in the process, is there a formula you follow if you feel like you're going in circles with something you want to resolve?

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason and while it may not be known to me right away what that reason was for how something went, I have faith in the process. Sometimes the biggest obstacles lead to very magical things and I try to remind myself of that when things don’t go as planned or if I feel like I’m going in circles. I am really working on focusing less on “why is this happening to me” and putting my energy towards “ok, that happened. Now what?”.

So much to do! So little time! How do you prioritize your time?

Lately the time is speeding by…I have a trusty google calendar that keeps me semi on top of things lol. I just try to not overwhelm myself because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I like to give my time and attention to things I truly love and care about; like my music, real estate, my man, my dogs and family & friends…and sleep gotta squeeze that in there somewhere;)

Can you take us through from start to finish of how your latest single got done?

I was actually in the studio with Scott Robinson, a dear producer and friend that I absolutely love creating music with. We were cutting a different song and he played me the track to Dance with Somebody and I INSTANTLY fell in love with it! At the time it wasn’t available, and I kept on asking about it months later, low and behold it was available and I recorded it instantly! Due to the pandemic I haven’t gotten a chance to perform it live the way I always imagined so that will certainly be up NEXT!

Where are more and more ears listening to your sound?

Interestingly enough I get the majority of my streams lately out of California and Canada!! Then Germany , UK and Australia... I hope that means an international tour SOON!!!!

Gaining more and more fans, who do you fan out over?

I am OBSESSED with Kevin Hart! ALL things Kevin Hart! If I met him in person I might actually die. I would fan out for Avril Lavigne. She is one of my favorite artists of all time! What social media site are you MOST social on? I would definitely say Instagram …it’s so addicting, I can barely put my phone down sometimes. How are you going to continue to take charge of your music? I really want to continue to make music that I love and express who I am in that moment or headspace. Touring is my absolute favorite thing and I hope there are many world tours in my future. I love connecting in person and feeling the energy of a live show. Playing Madison Square Garden has always been a dream of mine and accomplishing that is a major career goal! Continue your magic in music! Website Apple Music Deezer Tidal Instagram



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