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The fantastic Singer/ Songwriter Nick Johnson answered some of our questions about his upcoming release "Spread Love", what he feels blessed about and blocking out a creative block!

Hi Nick!! We hear you have a new song on its way called "Spread Love"! What was the idea behind the song? Hello! It’s going to be released in January and I’m extremely excited for people to hear this song. Me/all of humankind are dealing with issues of happiness, sadness, being good enough, depression, anxiety, love, fear etc to some degree. The idea is to be loving, caring, giving, positive to ALL people! To be conscious of the human condition and “Spread Love” and kindness. Who is the first person you have listen to your music when you're done recording? It’s a family affair over here! Mom, Dad etc! What do you do when you feel a creative block? I try not to think about it too much and trust that it will subside when it sees fit! Who makes you feel the most empowered about your artistry? So many people! I’m blessed to have people who tell me to keep working because they enjoy the music! Those people empower me and mean more to me than they will ever know!!

Thank you for taking time with us today! Tell us where we can listen to all your music and follow YOU!

Thank you so much for listening! There you go! Appreciate you. Https://

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