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Find out how the talented producer, innovator and loving father Algorythm-C came up with a solution inspired by his children with latest single Dreams Reve.

When did you get into music professionally?

I got into music professionally in 2015 when I released my first project called sequence August 17, 2015, that’s when I felt I wanted to take my music to the next level and get as much archive work off my hard drive.

What is your favorite part about producing music?

My favorite part of producing music is just the art of taking sounds and creating a song from scratch. Taking sounds and making them become melodic. Improvising fresh new sound and placing myself in the shoes of an artist perspective while creating each song or track.

Your latest single Dreams Reve was inspired by your child. Can you tell us about the story?

My latest single Dreams Reve was inspired by my beautiful kids. I was always looking for music that would put my kids to sleep, especially considering my kids didn’t like getting ready for bed. I wanted to create a very melodic/ smooth/ orchestral track that wasn't too short or long and something that I can put on repeat. So I did just that. Created this song and it worked. I think it’s a great track that anyone can use to put their kids to bed, or use for meditation before their morning starts, at bed time to relax and unwind.

When did you know the track was finally finished?

I knew this track was finished in March of 2021. It was about 80% completed towards the end of 2020 but I did some rearranging and added some melodies to make the track different.

Who did you share Dreams Reve first?

I share Dreams Reve first on an episode of "Dope folks" by Nerd Soul, then instagram, twitter and all the music platforms.

What has your favorite reaction of the single been so far?

My favorite reaction has been that many love the instrumentation, very dreamy, and also mentioned to keep going and keep bringing out more content like it.

You have an EP coming soon! What music can we expect?

Yes EP is soon on the way. Be on the lookout for a project called 'Passion Fruit" Passiflora most likely before the end of year which will have some amazing collabs with the likes of Lonlier, Anthony Desire, Steven Lamar Moore just to name a few. An instrumental beat ep #Guruloopschallenge inspired by Guruloops (Donijo) and another single I will be releasing "Gemstone '' in July or august of 2021. Just be ready to expect dopeness.

When does it drop?

I will be dropping these projects before the end of 2021.

Anything you want new fans to know about you?

I want new fans to know that I love staying true to the #AlgoC sound. I’m born and raised in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I have a unique hip hop/ R&B sound. I’m heavily influenced by reggae, dancehall, soca. Love basketball, family; beat boxing, recreating/ composing music.

Where can they follow and support and all your upcoming music?

Anyone can follow and support me by following hastag #ALGOC. Also you can find all my upcoming music on the following Bandcamp:, Follow me on Instagram and YouTube: Algorythmc , Souncloud: - Get some exclusive unheard tracks there, and all Algorythm-C projects are on all music streaming platforms.

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