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Indie Rock band Pet Envy has released a new single in collaboration with lead singer of the group Luthi, Christian Luthi, called “The Fountain” which was released on October 1st, 2021.

Pet Envy blends styles of Pop, R&B and Indie Rock to create powerful vocals and distinctive melodies. Formed by longtime friends Shelbi Albert and Jake Diggity in 2015, Pet Envy also includes Matthew Singler (Drums) and Jordan Klatt (Keyboards). “The Fountain” is the band’s fourth release of 2021 and is going to be part of a debut album they are planning to release.

“The Fountain” was produced by Owen B. Lewis [Old Sea Brigade]. The song was written by Shelbi Albert after the most difficult breakup she has had. The collaboration with Luthi provides two different perspectives on the breakup one from the inside and one from out. Which is a really unique approach to a love/breakup song! To have an outside perspective involved in such an intimate and personal experience truly shows the musical ingenuity and vision that Pet Envy has.

Musically “The Fountain” is very well done! The intro begins with a slow emotional melody created by the keyboards while Shelbi’s incredibly beautiful voice takes center stage. You are immediately drawn into the music, you can feel the pain, the love, the heartbreak and the vulnerability in Shelbi’s voice and deliverance of the lyrics. Then once Luthi joins in the singing the song’s vibe shifts to a more pop style. The melody is so catchy and vibey, the chorus is amazing and you find yourself singing along! “The Fountain” starts slow and emotional and turns into this upbeat inspiring track that makes you feel like you are the main character in your life. Love is the most powerful human emotion and provides an incredible feeling when things are going well but on the flip side when you experience that heartbreak of a relationship that has ended it’s hard to come out of that hole and rise up as a stronger version of yourself. “The Fountain” does a great job in providing some comfort and guidance when you feel that heartbreak or sadness. The lyrics are relatable and vulnerable, any great musician has to really open up their heart and let all of those emotions come out when writing a love song like this for it to be successful and that is exactly what has been done by Pet Envy and Luthi in “The Fountain.”

You can stream “The Fountain” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Pet Envy on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. You can also follow Luthi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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