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The glittering musician Ali Henderson is here!

What new music do you have cooking up right now?

Ali: Currently working on my next single and I’m SOOOOO excited about it :)

What are you streaming right now over and over for inspiration?

Ali: I’m on a Charli XCX bender right now... her new single “New Shapes” ugh... it makes me feel things.

Do you tend to stay inspired for a while or is there a dip from time to time? How do you deal with that if there is?

Ali: Oh there are absolutely dips in my creativity. I will write through it (or try). I tend to want to shy away from sessions because I don’t feel like I’m contributing in the way I usually do, but at the same time all it takes is that ONE session and it’s like the creative faucet was turned back on.

What kind of groove are you in right now?

Ali: The music industry kind of comes to a halt around the holidays (especially in December) so right now I’m slowing down, getting things ready for my next single, booking fewer sessions. Taking a moment to breathe before the new year gears up.

Emotional Vampire is super fire! Favorite part about creating the music?

Ali: THANK YOU!! My favorite part was writing it. Honestly I felt like I was in therapy, just throwing my feelings out and my co-writers and I just captured that energy of being frustrated and angry and turned it into something really cool. I had some things to get off my chest, haha.

Give us an emotional vampire situation that you learned from?

Ali: I felt like I couldn’t say I was happy or be excited because this vampire was always going through something. That takes a toll on you... to just keep giving yourself over to someone who is negative allllll the time, who won’t celebrate you.

Tell us a time where the reaction to your new music left a lasting impression with you from Emotional Vampire?

Ali: I just think it’s funny after I released the song, so many of my friends reached out to me like “is this about me?” And I’m like “no.... chill” the emotional vampire probably has no clue that they are an emotional vampire.

Leave us with a wonderful quote to leave our audience with a lasting impression of YOU!

Ali: Wear glitter, kiss your friends, dance around your house naked. Your mental health will thank you :)

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