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The mega talented Jordan Lake shares his music catalogue with us!

Tell us about your new music droppin?

My next single neon nights, Will be out really soon… It’s an upbeat mysterious pop track, about finding yourself.

Where should new fans connect with you so they support your music?

Definitely follow me on Instagram at Jordanlakelive As well as all streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

What out of your music catalogue gets you the most hyped?

You know what, it’s funny you ask that question..Personally I have Been told different things by different people. That’s the joy of music in general. Each person connects to a different song that I have in a different way. Literally it’s crazy. It’s really hard to pick a certain song on the album that I love the most because I consider all of them my children... but at the moment, I would recommend everyone go listen to dancing with the dark side! It’s a pop song with a mysterious story about contemplating where to go next in life and making decisions.

What out of your music catalogue gets you the most emotional?

That’s a two-part.. Definitely “billions of hearts” because that song is super emotional and it’s basically the story of 2020 and what I was going through.. there’s another song that’s going to be on the album called “crash & burn “ I get emotional about it because it’s the first song we recorded for the album. It’s definitely the OG and helped me develop the sound for the entire album.

What do you want to tell your fans to keep them motivated for the rest of the year?

Just stay focused, you are worthy and believe in yourself.. I believe in you and you can achieve anything that you put your mind and your heart to!

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