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Rising Elijah is a high energy Hard Rock band from Los Angeles, CA. They're riffy, fun, heavy and have a vintage attack with a modern feel. While their stage line up has ebbed and flowed, the core; Pete "Raz" Razo, Chris Blackavar & Chase Enriquez formed in 2019. (Dre Pulido [Guitar] & Tony Guzman [Bass] round out the current line up.) Shortly after they released their first few singles, they were featured on Heidi and Franks morning show on KLOS, Stay or Go, and swept 6-0.Their Self Titled album was released on Rock Solid Talent Entertainment on 8/26/22. Rising Elijah play all around Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Some of their notable gigs/venues include; Lucky Strike (Hollywood), Heritage Festival '22 (Camarillo) & the Viper Room (West Hollywood).

Congratulations on your latest music! What is the biggest tip you followed when creating the sound?

Thanks so much! We'll we're a good-time hard rock band. So a lot of the energy revolves around that. As far as the sound and direction, Raz is our guitar player & riff writer. Combo w/that, his guitar tone and down tuning gives us a heavier sound and attack. Raunchy riffs, catchy & pretty melodies, we're not reinventing the wheel here haha.

How did the sound evolve from the start to the finish?

When Chase came on board, we had a project worth of songs that he came in and re-recorded and tweaked to his style and cadence. We put out our first single Jan of 2020. And as we all know, the world was experiencing good times around then. We took advantage of that down time and kept writing and the project ended up becoming a lot tighter and more cohesive w/newer songs as Chase's writing style began to mesh w/Raz's riffs and the general energy the band was bringing.

Any tricks up your sleeve when making the music?

haha. Nothin too much. I guess when recording, or in performance, never let em see your ceiling or your max.

Was there a collection of ideas that you had or did you have a really specific idea on the music?

Nah. We're not like a "super conceptual" band as far as themes and such. We keep it high energy & riffin.

How much time do you demand of yourself to focus on music?

However long it takes. Haha. Whatever tasks or pieces that need to be handled, we all dig in and handle our parts.

Do you have any tips or tricks for our audience on how to manage your time when it comes to making sure your music is on track for release?

Lists. Making and checking off task lists are key. It keeps you focused and you get that little rewarding dopamine hit when you get to cross' em off.

Give us links and all to hear the music and follow you!

Thanks so much! Our new album is out everywhere you stream -

@risingelijahofficial is our IG & YouTube handle.

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