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Find out the sound advice the gifted Alex Berka of the band Showpiece, gifts to other artists.

We need to hear about the moment you knew you wanted to do music?

As a career, or just in general? I can only speculate for the other guys, but in either case it’s a matter of fascination. Nature and nurture, a little of both. There’s some overarching inclination to want to create, and music is just another theater that allows that from me. Any time I’ve tried to divorce it from my life, say I needed to focus on something more “constructive” or “viable” or any of the other familiar adjectives, there’s a loss of luster. I don’t think there was a moment I wanted to do music, because I just do it anyway, in some respect or another. The decision is to share, and that’s one I closed my eyes and made too long ago to recall.

What can we expect from Showpiece in 2021?

“Crimson Devices” is the first of five songs slated for this year, all of which will be released as singles, but subsequently compiled into an EP. Individually, Nick and Kirk are gearing up for new Drumrz material (and dare I say shows?) for the year, and Will (Lynde) has what’ll surely be a riotous slate of additions to his solo work. New music all around, some external forces will decide beyond that.

How important is connecting with fans? Where do you do that the most?

I believe the answer to the first half of that question is, “Very.” Where do we connect most? In the music, hopefully. That seems like the largest portion timewise of the interactive pie. I’ve certainly spent more of my life listening to the music I love than talking to the artists about it. That being said, we have a fantastic tool of remote interpersonal connection these days, in the internet and social media, anybody can reach out, and especially with small potatoes like ourselves, you can get a response. So do it! We love to talk.

What's a piece of advice you'd give to an artist that wants to get into the music industry?

The lines of “in” vs. “out” of the industry are very blurry these days. If you accept some degree of sacrifice of your time and resources and just do it, you’re in. Maybe not very far in, though nobody can help you if you’re not doing anything for yourself. The world isn’t built for creatives, and social expectations aren’t calibrated to them, but like it or not, you’re one of them, and you’re doing yourself a disservice by sitting on your hands in trepidation. Going for it guarantees you nothing, but if the alternative seems much bleaker to you, welcome home.

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