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Ryan Hays pursuit of music began in a different way than most. At the age of 8, he began to develop a stutter which affected every sense of his being. This major change would begin to mold him, and his mind leading him to discover his musical talents. Ryan has performed in Woodstock, London, in Paris at the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral, and places such as Carnegie Hall in New York City. Ryan also managed to serve a total of 8 years in the United States Army. Now fully pursuing his music, Ryan has written and produced multiple songs including his two first solo singles, "I'm coming Home", and his debut album titled "Beautiful Stranger" which was released May 14th on all streaming platforms. His music truly can not be put into one genre, but instead is simply a combination of stories that will take you on a musical journey of reflection and emotion.

What were your musical influences that inspired your new music?

My influences were a combination of my life and my circumstances. When I was young my parents went through divorce and my father wasn't the best with his choices so I grew up internalizing most of what I felt. This in turn led to a stutter around the age of 8 which only made me keep to myself more. Music is what not only saved my life but gave me a sense of confidence back. Due to losing one voice I learned I had another in singing and so I began to sing everyday. As time went on my influences were not only how I felt but simply the world I saw around me and how I honestly viewed it.

Are there any specific terms you have with yourself to make sure to put out the best version of your music possible?

It's very simple for me in the respect that I tell myself to always be honest about what I am saying. I never like to make up things or add too much color to a truth because I have learned the best lyrics in songs are usually ones that come from a real place. I always tell myself to also never rush a lyric and that sometimes you just need to allow it to come to you in however much time it takes.

How do you magnify what needs to be changed when creating new music?

I give each song I write time to breath and time to exist sometimes without going back to it for weeks. I realize by doing this that I will go back to a lyric or melody and realize there is a better one that I couldn't see before. Song writing can truly be compared to reconstructive surgery at times, where it may just need multiple slight adjustments until it works.

Who helps aid you when you are being too hard on yourself?

I honestly have had to learn to aid myself when it comes to my music. I have a few people close to me that every so often will tell me not to beat myself up on a song because they like it, but it comes down to me always. I feel it is important in anything you do to be able to push yourself to be the best and sometimes a little self awareness when something isn't at its best is okay. It is why I learned to be patient and never rush a lyric or overall song anymore.

Is there anything in terms of your music that may seem too overwhelming? How have you navigated in being able to share the load of your work with others in the process?

The only part of my pursuit of music that I can honestly say has been overwhelming is the idea of walking in faith. Nothing on this path is a guarantee, and I invest everything I have into my career because it is what I truly want to do. Sometimes the stress of it all can get to you and I have allowed myself to have those moments in private but I have learned to work my way through them and always find the light. Any burst of creativity that you're experiencing right now? I am currently going through a huge burst of creativity as I am writing my new EP. I will get this swell of creativity where the songs and music just begin to flow and in that time period is when I am at my best. How do you keep the fun in your work? I keep the fun by never having to think about keeping the fun. I love what I do and I believe in what I do. I understand that these songs for someone could bring them immense joy or comfort them through their hardest moments. The fun for me is being able to create a feeling or a world for people to enter in their own way. If what you do as your passion takes effort to enjoy then I truly believe you are doing the wrong thing. Leave LINKS AND leave a Lyric from your music to remember you by!


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