The influences of music and meditation with TR Sun and KK Love!

So great to have you both for our interview!

Tell us about your latest single and how excited has this release been for you?

TR: I’m really excited for this song and the whole project, Revive. I feel like it reflects a different type of growth than I have experienced in the past.

What creative risks have you taken that have paid off?

TR: I began rapping in 2019. About two months after releasing my first demo I quit my job where I was living in Boston and moved to LA. At the time I truly felt I could do this and I knew if I didn’t try I’d regret it forever. I had no job, no place to stay, I didn’t know anyone but I knew that was the right move and I am exponentially happier for betting on myself.

KK Love: I began singing at age 3 and when I turned 16 I decided I needed to advance my vocal ability so I forged my own school paperwork to attend a performing arts school and I got a ride that dropped me off at the school at 3 am everyday (5 hours before school started) just so I could could be the best at my craft and I could do this full time.

What are you most proud of in your career?

TR: I am proud that I make music people want to listen to. Every artist remembers the first track they made. I was super proud of this remix I made for a contest and nobody wanted to listen. It is so hard to persevere through the “nobody likes my music” period of artistry. I see it turn off a lot of people from sharing or creating altogether. I’m truly proud I stuck with my craft long enough to see even just a few people appreciate it. It makes me happier to know my words, thoughts and feelings have touched another person.

KK Love: With all the crazy things I’ve had to go through growing up, I’m honestly so appreciative and proud of every accomplishment I’ve made during my career so far. But I’m definitely very proud of being able to do my artistry full-time while being a mother to my baby girls, only 23 years old and until recently a single parent at that. I have never worked a 9-5 job.

Which artists' styles do you most love?

TR: I love so many different things about different artists. Vocally, I really love Giveon, Earthgang and 6lack. They all have such unique sounds. KK Love: I absolutely love Kehlani, Jhené Aiko, Aaliyah, Jewel , Jessie Reyes, there’s so many but these artists all have such an incredible voice and passion that they put into their work that is so different! How do you keep positive these days?

TR: I meditate a lot. I think the only way forward is to address our inner trauma. It’s hard work but I’m living the benefits now and that’s a happy life.

KK Love: I stay positive these days by keeping healing important to me, regularly meditating, taking the time to spend bonding time with my babies and teaching them art and meditation. I also make waist beads and handmade soaps with them.

Where can our readers listen to and follow your latest music?

TR Sun: