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Fans of Jimmy Century released a new EP that features Va Va Voom to the Moon in three different versions. The spicy song mixes genres together to create a super cool track. Like many of the duo’s previous titles, Va Va Voom breaks the barriers on defining genre by mixing dance beats, pop and rock, and even spoken lyrics into one song. You can hear the original version of the song on the Netflix show Emily in Paris (season 2, episode 1).

The track features clever and quirky lyrics throughout, adding onto the many layers of instrumental that already make it so fun to listen to. Alicia Perrone, on vocals, brings all of the queen energy in this one - as you can hear in the lines, “you might have a revelation, but I’ll lead a nation” and “you can boil all you wanna, I’m sauce, I like to simmer”. The song takes you on a journey on how she will take you to the moon, and she is in control. Being her lover is addicting, and you’re in for a crazy ride…

The hook is super catchy, repeating in various spots throughout the track. It’s for sure one to get stuck in your head all day. In the Dirty Mix, the spunky and fun beat is complemented by gritty guitar and synths throughout. You could find this version in any type of bar or nightclub, as it brings a darker feel into the already fun, original take of the track. The next version of this song is the French Cafe Mix, which tones down the pop and adds in sultry instrumental and vocal effects. Victor James, the other member of the duo, is featured in both versions of this song with instrumental solos in the bridge. In the French cafe mix, his playing is silky and smooth, while in the Dirty Mix he plays with a grit and ruggedness. It’s amazing how one song can be transcended into so many versions to fit into different moods and atmospheres!

Finally, the original version of the song is featured as the final song on the EP. This version is the classic dance, pop, and rock mix that is notable on the Netflix series Emily In Paris! No matter what you’re feeling, Va Va Voom to the Moon has a sound for it all! Full of layers and dynamic twists, this EP is a real hit that will send you off dancing.

Keep a close watch on EVERYTHING Fans of Jimmy Century on their website and stream VA VA VOOM TO THE MOON today!

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