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Sensational Singer/ Songwriter Simone Elisa talks her latest single 'Like Magic'!

Simone! Thank you for taking this interview! We want to know what inspired Like Magic?

Thank you so much for having me! Like Magic was inspired by a slight obsession I have with 80’s aesthetic and synths. I wanted to write and produce something that gave the feeling of driving along the coast at the end of a movie or journey, with all the 80’s style synths behind that moment. The lyrical content is all inspired by my journey moving to LA with my husband, pursuing music careers side by side and being there for each other as teammates.

What would you consider magic in your own life?

I recently moved to a new place with lots of sunshine and hummingbirds that like to fly past and it feels like a little bit of magic to me!

What has been a defining career moment in your life?

The pandemic put so much into perspective and during that time I decided to make as much music as possible and hone into what I really wanted to sound like and how I wanted to produce my tracks. That time ultimately led me to changing my artist name from Simone to Simone Elisa. It feels like a new chapter that came together after carefully crafting my next group of music.

Anything upcoming in your music we should know about?

New releases this Summer and Fall that I’m excited to share and currently booking live shows. Excited to get back out there for performances!

Where do we stream so we can support you?

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