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This breakout star Maxx is talking latest single 'Breaking Out' and her favorite verse!

You are amazing in your latest single 'Breaking out'! Tell us what you wanted fans to get out of the song? In my last single breaking out I would like fans to understand the message is even in our darkest times there’s a way out and there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you make music more for yourself, for your fans or both? It started out just for myself but as I continue to make music and saw the reaction people were having from it I started writing for myself and the world so that I can share my story and hopefully help others with any struggles they might be going through. Is your songwriting process more regimented or do you only create when you're feeling creative? I am constantly writing lyrics and poetry whenever it comes to me and when I start to feel really connected to lyrics or poetry that I’ve been writing, I take it to the studio and create a song from it. What is your favorite verse on 'Breaking Out'? Probably “it’s loudest in the silence it’s darkest in the day I’m surrounded by these people but it doesn’t feel that way” I feel really connected to those lyrics because of my past and I still do at times and I thought it was a very creative way of expressing it. How does our audience keep up with you and support your music? My audience can keep up with me and support me in my music on my social media‘s and follow me on Spotify and any other music platforms. My Instagram is Maxx.Nies My YouTube is Maxx Nies And on all music platforms my name is Maxx

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