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Juliana Hale is booked, busy and on a roll with new music!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the new music video for 'CRAZY'!! How crazy is it to finally be OUT for everyone to see?

Thank you SO much!! It is insane! I've had this one up my sleeve for a little while now, so I'm happy that the wait is over. There was even a billboard for the single! How cool! What did it feel like to see it up close? It was amazing! Very surreal, especially on a main road in Nashville :) How did you decide on your visuals for the single? The visuals came about through the idea to show a bunch of different looks in the video to represent all of the different styles I've explored as an artist. When you're collaborating, is compromise the secret to success? I think compromise and just teamwork. You all have to be in it for the good of the song, not for ego or anything else. I think the best part of collaborating is being able to bounce ideas off of each other. We love the edginess to the song and the visuals to match! What are you most proud of when it comes to the music video? Thank you so much! I'm proud of how the wheel scenes turned out. I get motion sick really easily, so spinning on the wheel for 4 and a half hours was insane. I'm just glad they turned out well. What was the most fun part of filming? When I was done on the wheel haha no, but it was honestly being with everyone and the great vibe on set. Derek was a really good sport and we had a good time shooting together. What was an obstacle you had to overcome filming? The wheel! As I mentioned, I have terrible motion sickness. I even get sick on kayaks and swings. So that was a huge obstacle. When we did the fitting for the wheel, it was kinda insinuated that I wouldn't be there long, but that was the opposite of true. I threw up twice, but we got the shot! What has been the best thing said about the video so far! I've just loved the support I've gotten and positive feedback! How does EVERYONE watch CRAZY? Here is the music video link! And this is the acoustic video :)

AND get ready to have yet another song on REPEAT so GO and Pre-Save Juliana Hale's upcoming single:Dollhouse out everywhere November 12th!

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