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Singer/ Songwriter Matt Freedman is working on debuting new music!

What new music do you have cooking up right now?

Right now, I have a TON of music in the works. I'm working on an EP in Nashville with some of my favorite writers and producers in the world. One song in particular is an incredibly personal song about mental health called "FreeFall". I have suffered from anxiety and depression in my life, and this song is for my 5 year old daughter Harper letting her know that if any of these emotions or feelings ever start to creep into her life, that she can just fall into her dad for a big hug, or for me to just listen to what's on her mind. I'm going to release it in November, 2021.

What are you streaming right now over and over for inspiration?

At the moment, I'm streaming lo-fi Jazz beats haha. I'm a lover of all music, and have it playing almost 100% of the time, and I'm all over the place with what I like. I love to cook, and when I do, I love Motown. There's something about those classic songs and cooking for your family that just makes me happy. I love stripped down Americana acoustic music too, during the day I'll either stream that or jazz like Coltrane, Miles, Brubeck and others. I'm typically never out of arm's length away from a guitar, so if I'm not listening to music, I'm likely writing or working on an idea with a guitar in my hand.

Do you tend to stay inspired for a while or is there a dip from time to time? How do you deal with that if there is?

It definitely ebbs and flows as my energy is expended in a lot of different ways. I have two young girls (and a pregnant wife!), so my days are filled with being a dad, going to parks, playing with my daughters, cooking, reading books and trying to manage writing, recording, marketing my music and rehearsing for upcoming shows. Inspiration hits at all different times, for all different reasons. For me, typically changing scenery or watching someone else's art is always the best medicine. I love to be outdoors, especially around water. The beach is always my happy place, something so cleansing about the salt air that tends to reset my brain, and always provides inspiration.

What kind of groove are you in right now?

I've never been busier in my music career. Every day, I'm writing, meeting with artists or my production team working on an upcoming EP (that I've been promising for some time now, I know!). It's all leading towards a large release that will be my debut. I'm presently trying to manage song selection, recording, and shooting videos for all of the songs that we choose.

Tell us a time where the reaction to your new music left a lasting impression with you?

I remember vividly a few weeks back I played a show in PA in a tiny bar called Local Tap, that is one of my favorites. There was a woman sitting at a bar top about 15 feet from our stage, and I played "FreeFall" just acoustically after telling the story of its origin. The woman broke down in tears, and brought me over after the show asking about the song, then broke down again after we talked more about it and the reason why she had such a reaction to it. She had recently lost a friend, and it made her feel as if the song was written for her at that moment, and it helped her get through the grieving of a close friend. That to me is the reason I write and perform songs to forge a connection to the people who are going through something that I may be as well. I reached out to her after the show and sent her an unreleased version of the song, and she said she broke down again and was incredibly grateful for the connection. To me, Family and Songs are what this world is about. I consider anyone who I'm playing with, or that we're playing TO, to be family.

Leave us with a wonderful quote to leave our audience with a lasting impression of YOU!

My life can be summarized in two Words -- "Family & Songs". :)

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