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The great performing artist Omar Veluz has graced us with a phenomenal interview about his anticipated single "Do You Really Wanna", the song being attached to a Full Length Feature Horror Film and how his hairline came to be!

Omar!! Your music definitely has us dancing!! You have such amazing energy!! Tell us with 2020 coming to a close, what do you have in the works for your music now and what's coming up for you in the new year?!

2020 Was definitely a wild year. I don't think anyone saw what happened this year coming. In an interesting way, I believe it has opened a lot of doors and opportunities for independent artists. 2021 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. My next anticipated record to be released is the major theme song to a movie that will be released in 2021. The title of the song is Do You Really Wanna and the movie title is Scare Us. I've seen the movie, and it is beautifully shot! It is quite a great movie! The music video doesn't fall short or far away from how amazing the movie is. I shot the music video in October. I have watched the music video and it is unlike anything else I have done. It is masterfully shot and my performance was said to be spot on. I am known for dance and latin crossover music. Do You Really Wanna is more of an Industrial Rock Gene hit and I am really excited to demonstrate yet another color of my talents.

What changes will you be making for 2021 that you'd never thought you'd be doing with your music? I believe that once Do You Really Wanna get released accompanying the full length Feature Horror Film 'Scare Us' I will have opened a whole new genre I could experiment with. I will be adding Industrial Rock to my resume of Genres I am able to successfully perform. This stretch of genre excites me. I once was asked "what kind of artist am I?" My response to that question has always been, "I would like to be the Picasso of music. I would like to paint freely with lots of colors." Have you always been a daring artist or do you ever feel self conscious about your work? I have been a very daring artist right off the gate. If we look back to my first release "Fantasy" - I performed in elegant attire wearing heels in the music video, combating two very sexy and beautiful women. I have never limited myself or wanted to be known as a "certain" kind of artist, beyond daring. If we are then to look at another one of my releases, such as Gold, I portray a much different persona than I did in Fantasy. In Gold I portray More of a "Casanova" persona than I did in Fantasy. Though both characters ooz sex appeal (only quoting what I've been told) each persona is very different than the other. This, in my opinion, is what it means to have courage. Do I get self conscious about my work? Not at all. I have an Architecture degree from the University of Arizona, and fully left that profession to follow my dreams when I was 27 years old. I sacrificed a much more secure and more "normal" (whatever normal is) life for music. At this point, I would be shooting myself in the foot if I allowed myself to be self conscious about my work. Am I aware of my strengths and weaknesses? Yes, I am very much aware which areas of my abilities and my performance need more work than others, but that is all part of the work. That, if anything, is what makes this so exciting and fun to do. I feel like a very lucky man doing what I do. We hear you have a hairline in the works, congratulations!! We need to hear all about this venture!!

Thank you !!! Yes I do, and it is very exciting! I have always had an entrepreneurial heart and I randomly get some great and not so great ideas to develop at a professional level. Vokse Hair is definitely shaping up to be one of the most successful ideas I have had and developed. It is a hairline based on a recipe I was given many years ago by the housekeeper at a music company I worked for. In the break room, as I was making myself coffee, I expressed to her how I was losing my hair. She then gave me a very simple yet effective recipe to regrow lost hair. She was kind enough and made me my first bottle of this amazing recipe. People have always complimented my hair especially now that I have let it grow long. I had been using this recipe for hair growth for about 5 years until I decided to develop the recipe to put out on the market. What I have created is much more calculated and precisely formulated with additional ingredients. I wanted to put out a product that worked even better than what I had been using. That is how the Original and Advanced Serums were created. To get more information on my hairline you can visit and register to receive more information and instruction on how to purchase either Hair Growth serums for a discounted rate and be part of the "Pre-Launch" phase.

You are just so talented in SO many ways!! Thank you for talking to us today! Where can our audience keep up with you, your music and hairline!!!!

Thank you so much!

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