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The sensationally talented musical artist Patricia talks to us about her philosophy, projects and perspective!

What is the philosophy going forward you want to follow in this new year for your music?

I will continue to implement classical philosophy statements in music, because it has had a big impact for me since the time of my studies, that was Philosophy. There are also a lot of events going on politically, economically, socially, different values are represented by different societies, at the same time with developing globalization and technological progress. I think it is good to refresh classical philosophy values that are timeless and universal. In my opinion it is important to create reflective lyrics of songs nowadays, to broaden horizons of thinking of people, there is some kind of limitation and shallowness of consumption lifestyle, growing lack of family values. It is crucial to deliver some relief to people in difficult situations. Art is a very powerful tool for healing and a big part of the cultural life of a human.

What are the most important elements needed for a successful career?

I think it is: versatility, talent, hard work, persistence and flexibility.

What kind of projects are you anticipating on releasing this year?

I'm anticipating releasing two more songs with a musician friend, that style of composing is very slavonic, and I feel close with these vibes. I'm also anticipating the release of a third video clip of mine, to the third album's composition. And hopefully to perform live again.

Do you think it's necessary to live in a particular place in the world to be able to "make it" in music?

I think of course it can help to live in cultural metropoly with more perspectives for artists, but more important is to consequently work on the music, to share it with a grateful audience, and to work in a good team.

How often should an artist reflect on their work to make sure that they're always evolving?

Depends from an artist. Lyricists will be reflecting very often on the meaning of words in songs that were created. Evolving comes often at the same time with practice in my opinion.

Tell us how we can stay connected to you and your upcoming projects through social media!

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