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Valid Point shares what it's like when he is reminded how powerful music can be. And his is no exception!

What music are you streaming right now over and over for inspiration? I have a massive playlist of all my favorite songs and it has such a wide variety. I’m loving the new Fetty Wap album! I’m so excited he’s making music again. Lately I’ve been getting into Brevin Kim a lot. Those guys are incredible. What music should fans be streaming of YOURS right now over and over? I love “Cigarettes” so much. I really went deep on that one and Matty Beats murdered the production and mix. It’s hands down my favorite song that I have out. How inspired are you right now to make new music? Very What are you making sure to add into your music? I’m trying to be more vulnerable with my music now and have deeper, honest lyrics. My stuff in the past was really hollow. I knew that even in the moment. That’s why I called my last album mannequin because it had no life. Sometimes mindless music is nice to listen to. You can shut your brain off. I tend to not like artists that when I listen to their music I feel like I’m being taught something or scolded. I won’t be that guy with the new stuff though. Tell us a time where the reaction to your new music left a lasting impression with you? Anytime someone I don’t know reaches out and tells me how my music helped them through a rough time is mind blowing. Sometimes I forget how powerful music can be. Leave us with a wonderful quote to leave our audience with a lasting impression of YOU! Have you ever been so hungover that you thought you had covid? I have.

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