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Makes My Blood Dance can not seem to sit still. Single after single, live show after killer live show, they've made a name splicing and mutating the genes of metal with disco, glam, and electropop. Lead vocalist and founder Evan Russell Saffer and guitarist/synth player John Polimeni rip open and hotwire genres at will, whatever the songs demand, like self-taught chemists slowly losing it in a condemned lab. Joined by Filia Luna on bass and backing vocals, and Allan Zapar behind the drum kit, the foursome make every track twitch like a fork in an outlet. "Power Of The Light Side" is just the latest example of their sleazy, riffy Viper Room grime that somehow - no really, how? - conveys a sense of hope, triumph, and empathy. Hear this band, because they hear you. MMBD have found ideal collaborators, including producer Kallie Marie (Explosives For Her Majesty), recording engineer Paul Ritchie (Parlor Mob), Glenn Schick Mastering (Mastadon, Fozzy) and hitmaking mixer David Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, NIN). Known for dynamic and dance-centric music videos (check out Youtube). Power of the Lightside video premiered on and has been picked up by Clubcom (distro to 5K+ fitness centers) MusicChoice (mobile app, TV and Web to 66.5 million households) Viacom (MTV VOD, MTVu, MTV Jams). Now we get the chance to talk to one of their bandmates about what they are up to NEXT.

Interview By: Evan Russell Saffer - voice - MMBD

Talk to us about your latest single! Together Apart is the first sincel due out from our new record Rag Na Rock. It's a thunderous disco metal song that has a super fun video as well. We're getting final mixes of the song and final edits of the video now, it's so close but of course taking longer than we would like. Why did you pick that name for the single? The title is about two lovers that absolutely belong together but do not always happen at the same time. Sort of like "lightning and thunder". Most relationships, especially long term ones, experience this sort of disconnect and have to dive deeper in order to understand the nature of their relationship. It was also written during the early part of the Covid pandemic so it has a lot of relevance with people being apart from each other physically but also the world keeps churning as one. Does it ever get stressful when you have to come up with a title? Not really, but sometimes John will write the music and title the song and then when I get to lyrics I may or may not keep his title. Sometimes it's an inspiration, other times it's a placeholder. We have that kind of freedom with our writing. What was challenging about the single? The song came together very quickly, the challenge is always delivering it. I conceptualized this video and put all the creatives and parts together, then we need to allow that to gel and take shape. The process is part of what I enjoy so much. On the music and mixing we are getting great results with Dave Ogilvie (NIN, Tool, Skinny Puppy). On the video it's Rob Fitzgerald on the camera and also working with Ali Stevens on choreography, Becca Alonzo on makeup and Saori Morris on hairstyles was very fun. We have a lot of back and forth with inspirations and then you get on set and you see it come together and that's the magic. Now John and I are in the editing and post production for all of it so we can share it at the highest level of quality and our artistic vision. What kind of journey do you want to take your fans on when they listen to the song? All I know is what I am feeling and that is like being in a beautiful dream that is vivid, energizing, the deepest corners of desire and love.....pure connection........makes my blood dance. Favorite reaction so far to the single from those who have heard it? "Blown Away" "Obsession" Smiles and a deep centered emotional tingling when I see their physical selves and feel those vibes. (I'm an empath). How does everyone go to listen? Check out or Makes My Blood Dance on Spotify Drop a hint of a surprise you have a instore next!

We have a very cool remake (cover) of a song that we love. It's on this record, look out for that single and video to follow up Together Apart.

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