The writing, recording and new music of KinderCrowdControl.

Talk to us about your latest single! Edem: “Yes” is one piece within a 7 part opus of our wonderful voice, and celebrated Croatian fine artist, Sandra Ban tasked Brett and I with several months back. She asked us to compose various themes within this. One of these was called the “lounge section”. Brett and I were, at first, not sure what she was looking for musically, so she sent us an example. Brett grabbed this section and ran with it, composing a Chapman Stick, thumb piano, and sequencer riff that absolutely nailed it. Once we tracked his parts, all I needed to add was my voxbox and Spanish guitar. The whole thing just took off. Once Sandra heard our rough mix, she was floored. She responded to my “It’s a beautiful word” and “It’s a beautiful world” voxbox riffs, and felt she only needed to add the word “yes”. Fabulous. The whole piece came together really fast. A “6 pack” song for sure; like when musicians sit down over a six pack and write a riff that comes easily and just flies. Brett: This song came together fast. Sometimes it happens that way. We’re so fortunate to have such a great working relationship with each other that creating pieces like “Yes” is mental and emotional nectar. Why did you pick that name for the single? Edem: See above. Brett: “Yes” being a positive affirmation. Seeing the world for what it could be. Does it ever get stressful when you have to come up with a title? Edem: Never. No stress at all. I’m a big fan of titles, so it’s part of the fun. I think titles are very important; with our KinderCrowdControl music, the title is intended not to box in the listener but, rather, to inspire thought and reflection. It’s a cue. We feel the listener completes the composition by bringing their unique story to it. Often the song implies the title as it’s developing. It’s a blast titling songs. Brett: Not at all. Although I have to admit that our titles usually come later on in the process. For us, there generally occurs some musical paradigm shift that changes the dynamic character of the piece and then boom, the title is right there. What was challenging about the single? Edem: Well, like all our music, giving it what it NEEDED rather than what we WANTED. For instance: I had originally written the break in “Yes” with my jumbo Gibson acoustic. It was fine but, after jamming with the track with an inexpensive Spanish guitar a friend (thank you Rob Monroy!) had recently given me, I found that the tone of this Spanish guitar absolutely sang in the break. So I swapped out a $3K guitar for an inexpensive, but fabulous, gifted Spanish guitar. Brett: Nothing challenging at all. We have the luxury of being able to work at our own pace. No corporate contracts or sponsors with endless deadlines to squash our enthusiasm. We write and record what we want when we want it. Freedom! What kind of journey do you want to take your fans on when they listen to the song? Edem: Their own! Absolutely. Brett: Well said. Yes, their own journey. We’ll set the tone, but the rest is left to each individual’s imagination. No better journey than one they can create themselves based on their own life experiences. What can you not wait for about your upcoming music? Edem: Brett and I love this opus we’re well into. One particular track has been on the stove for several months, and as it grows, it’s becoming more and more amazing. The great artist Marcel Duchamp gave up painting for chess. We’re kind of playing chess with our music; we create an idea, marry Brett’s instrumentation to it, and see where we are. Then we react to what we’re hearing etc etc. It’s a fabulous journey, and the new track has taken on a life of its own. All preconceptions are out the window, and we’re hearing a very exciting new track. A new genre is being born… Brett: Each chapter has its own set of anticipations. Imagine every day as your birthday and you have a ton of unopened presents to open. It’s like this for us. It’s magic. Favorite reaction so far to the single from those who have heard it? Edem: We’re blown away. “Yes” has been picked twice as #1, once #2, and once #5 on some Spotify playlists. We’re mano-a-mano with the big boys and girls! The fact that we’re reaching, and touching, people all over the world with our KinderCrowdControl music is so amazing. We’re stoked for sure. Brett: Wow! How does everyone go to listen? Edem: Thanks for asking! Remember, KinderCrowdControl is one word! Bandcamp: FB: Amazon: Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes etc etc: kindercrowdcontrol Brett: We’re everywhere you go to find music. Drop a hint of a surprise you have in store next! Edem: See above… we’re working on the next 2 sections of the 7 part opus, and these are growing beyond us. I think we’re part midwives to the birth of a new genre! So, what makes a surprise a surprise? Leaving it at that! Brett: If you’re a fan of KinderCrowdControl you’ll know what to expect. If you are not yet a fan, prepare to say “Wow!”