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Celiane the Voice, hailing from the Bay Area, California, is one of those artists who is not afraid to think differently and use their creativity in ways that truly set the bar higher and redefine people’s ideas of what’s possible with music. Her songs have a far-reaching quality that feels inspiring and personable, as the artist thoroughly aims to connect with her audience and change the world, one song at a time.

Celiane The Voice is a driven, passionate and charismatic singer with a truly unique approach. Her music is very kaleidoscopic, borrowing from styles as diverse as R&B, Soul, Latin Pop, and even EDM, Electronica and Hip Hop beats, just to mention a few...

What are you counting down the days on when it comes to your music right now!?

Right now, it is just being ready for performance opportunities and other projects that come up. I am finishing up on the different versions of Papa’s Song now and a special song I have that will be coming out.

What does this moment mean for you to be releasing this project?

For me it is an important stance on who I am and where I come from. It is a homage to my roots done in my style of music, Electronica Hip Opera. This complete project of the mini album has been an expensive labor of love, but it is a love that I wanted to share with everyone in the world. It is a project to wake people up and see the lengths a superhero would go thru just to get the world to see that love is needed.

How are you making your moments matter the most day to day in your career?

When I wake up, I set the intention of gratitude to create another day. I think about what still needs to be done, I converse with my team, so we are all on the same page. Every day I devote time to my craft whether vocally, artistically, creatively or business wise.

What are you feeling really grateful for when it comes to your career?

My gratitude first goes to the Divine that helped me form my team. If it weren’t for them, their honesty and their energy, I would not be here. From my PR team to my creative team, to my business team. I couldn’t do this without any of them. I am also grateful to the coaches that have spent time helping me build my business and marketing strategies. I only deal with people that believe in my brand. I appreciate the movement of the universe and the spirits for the challenges and highs of this journey. It is definitely a learning curve and takes a lot of patience to get through all the negative and “no’s” you hear for something new and different. I am truly grateful for those that are in this with me for the long haul and have given their time and energy, that includes myself. I am very grateful to myself and the love I have for myself to be strong enough to carry this through.

What is the reality of the music industry vs. what your fans see on your social media?

The reality is, fans or the public ask, “Why don’t we see more of you?” or “Why aren’t you playing this festival?” or “Why aren’t you bigger than what you are?” The truth of the matter is, if you have set yourself up as your own business brand and don’t need to pay anyone to do all what you can do, they don’t want to have anything to do with you. If you look too different, if you sound too different; if you are at an age where they cannot get over you and you know what you want, they don’t want to mess with you. You become too big of a gamble. See, I listen to my fans, I don’t listen to the industry except for some things. What I show my fans on social media is truly how it is for me. I don’t go out and rent fake cars and show flashy material items because that is not what Celiane the Voice is about, she is about changing this world for the better through love and showing her fans what is needed before it is too late. She is an unlikely superhero. That is something new and different, besides looking like a cyborg. I get all kinds of excuses as to why I am not allowed to perform. From not paying to play (yes unethical but yet that is the beast) to not having enough experience on stage, which I have spent over 20 years performing in musical theater to acting to performing; so we don’t get that excuse, to “We don’t get it”. They assume if they don’t understand the concept the fans won’t either, WRONG. It is not for the labels to get, it is for the fans to get and those into anime, fantasy, role-play, cosplay and gaming DO get it. My niche audiences get it. That is what matters to me. Those become my superfans. I don’t have time to wait for the music industry to stop assuming what they know, it is the indie artists that know what our fans want. Fans need to get to the truth and heart of their artists and not go on what you see.

Trying to navigate the rise of your career, what or who keeps you grounded?

That is also what my team is for. I always remember where I come from, how much work it has taken me to get to this point and where I still need to go. As Dr. Carter G. Woodson said, “How can you know where you are going, if you don’t know where you have been?” When you remember where you have been, and truly are grateful and humble, you understand you can get knocked back down at any time. I have great friends on my team, like family, that keep me in a state of humility but if love is my focus, then humility is a part of that. Believing in the power of love authentically in my spirit keeps me grounded the most.

Can we take a deep dive on your latest hit? Can you share the dynamics of your latest release and how it came to be? Not many know how tough it can be to release music!

Sure. Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?) was a song that was long in the making, like 2-3 years. I made the music long before I wrote it. I would go back to it every once in a while, and it was not a song I wanted to release first. I knew, since it was a homage song, that I needed to make this intentional, to wait until it was right. The version you have today is different from the way it sounded when I first created it, but I will be making a version closer to what I originally made or using that for a different song. It is difficult singing about something spiritual in the style I have, encompassing things I love and learned. It took me a year or so, 4 in total to dream up this song. But, you know, life gets in the way when you have adulting to do and you are building your empire. Releasing music for me is not about having a banger after banger. Yes, I want all my songs to be great, but they have to mean something for me. I have to feel it, I have to groove with it. I must stand listening to it and performing it over and over again. I use the old philosophy, music and words must meld into one to create a great song.

How are you handling the love you are getting from the music you're sharing?

I am taking note of what people say, their critiques etc. It helps me to shift focus for the next songs, or how I place the songs on my mini album or how I perform it. I take the feedback seriously and see if we are in agreement or not. I am true to my art form so if there is something that is not clear, the next time I make it clear, or I post something to make it clear. Again, I am intentional with what I create, but sometimes subconscious sinks in and we miss things we didn’t mean to express. It happens, so I will ask what someone saw or heard and what it made them feel to make sure it was what I was trying to put across. I am grateful for the love and it keeps me going and keeps me in a purposeful and loving creative space.

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I cannot thank you enough for showing me love and digging what Celiane the Voice is bringing to the table. I am so grateful to all of you and there is plenty more coming!


Instagram: @celianevoice




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