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Chris Koehn shares his latest new music LIVE from home!

Where did your latest song come from ?

Little Wonder, is reflection on the pandemic: to see inside, watching thoughts & emotions passing by without engaging with them. To enjoy the calm of being inside ourselves.

See Inside, Feel The Calm. Life Fades.

Did it have its challenges?

This Live version had its challenges since I had to play all by myself simultaneously. So to learn to play guitar, drums and sing at the same time was really hard. Also the learning phase to do live loops with the pedal board to have some Moog riffs on the song was another challenge.

What is something you have to push yourself to do when making new music?

To explore new things, musically & technically. To push & challenge myself out of the comfort zone to become a better musician.

What is something that comes effortlessly when making new music?

Usually when I start to play guitar while jamming, songs & riffs appear. It’s not like I'm trying to make a new song, they just pop out. That's the effortless part, the trick is to transform that initial song into something beautiful & meaningful.

How do you come up with the concepts of new music?

Most of my music is about awareness, happiness, practicing change & death and enjoying the present. Movies, books, Museums, Traveling, running & meditation happen to be what trigger these lyrics. Also the present situation we are living in, for example for my new album which is almost finished, the lyrics are about the connection between humanity, which during the pandemic was to me a crucial factor to keep going and staying positive.

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