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The powerhouse Singer/ Songwriter gets vulnerable as she opens up about her latest release "Try", inward validation and the imperfection in it all!

Melody!! We can't tell you enough how much we LOVE "Try"! Your voice is a dream!! Can you tell us what went on behind the scenes to get this song out!

Thank you so much!! TRY - Acoustic is actually a stripped down version of the original TRY released in 2018. It’s a beautiful message and song, and I’d always wanted to do a simpler piano/vocal version to break free from the instrumentation and allow the melody to soar. Timing is everything, though, and little did I know this remake was meant to walk alongside the story of the people of Chattanooga, TN and their tremendous efforts to rebuild after a devastating tornado in April of this year. A lone piano left standing atop the wreckage of a church became the perfect facilitator of a song I’ve sung a million times but never felt so vulnerable and yet so strong until now.

How many recording sessions do you go through before you feel like a song is finished?

Hmm. No straight answer to that. I’ve written a song in one sitting, and some are still trying to be born, line by line, years later. Same with recording: magic can happen and whisk the song away in what feels like minutes, and others are a masterpiece in the making. I believe a song is finished when you know you’ve put the best of what you have: mind, body, heart, and soul, into it. And only a music creator knows when that is.

Have you always been a daring artist or do you ever feel self conscious about your work?

Haha, I’m not sure I would describe myself as a daring artist! I will say that I have made a career at times of checking boxes for people around me creatively, and it’s exhausting. I think all artists have a degree of feeling self-conscious about their work. We put to words and music our very souls and deepest thoughts, and the music that comes from such creations doesn’t always resonate with everyone. Despite that risk, I decided at some point to stop trying to please every listener and make what gives ME butterflies. When that same feeling happens to a listener, too, then we’ve landed on some kind of magic. If it doesn’t, that’s ok, too. We keep creating. Some are meant to be shared pieces of magic, and others are our own. Whichever the case, that inward validation is key. The wind changes constantly. We have to be our own anchor.

What makes you proud when it comes to how you've grown as an artist?

Well, a lot! I’m really happy I’m still growing, and I hope I never stop. Recently, I’m proud I’ve been learning to let myself mess up. I’m a born perfectionist and over-achiever, and, despite how much our culture idolizes and praises those traits, I’m not an advocate. There’s beauty in allowing yourself to get it wrong and try again. There’s freedom in the ability to see art in imperfection. I’m learning this now. A little late in the game, but better late than never, right? It’s changing how I approach creativity, and I’m excited for and proud of that. The possibilities now are endless!

Thank you Melody for taking the time out to interview with us and for all your insight into your musical world! Let our readers know where they can listen to

"Try" and follow your musical dreams!!

The pleasure is entirely mine!! TRY can be found via all music streaming platforms, and everyone can catch the new video now on YouTube!

Instagram - @MelodySheppard Facebook - MelodySheppard

Twitter - @MelodySheppard

TikTok - @MeloSheppard

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