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Goodwin Rainer (Mobile, AL), formed in 2017 and often described as “folk punk” or “alt. country,” is a 7-piece band with heartfelt songs featuring an assortment of strings, loud distorted bass and wailing horn sections. A Damn Good Tour (April 2022) is to support their debut record “Damn Good Friends”, released in late 2021.

Give us a sneak peek of what is to come for Goodwin Rainer?

We just got home from touring on our record “Damn Good Friends”, and the next time on our agenda is to make a new video, this time for our song “Paper Airplanes” and we’re playing a hometown show with the GOATs Mephiskapheles.

How do you go about creating your vibe for your music and your band?

It just happens naturally. There are seven of us and we’re all close friends and it is pretty effortless when you have power in numbers.

How did you come up with the name for your band?

I wish there was a more interesting story, but it is literally just two random last names.

How much time did you spend on this latest music?

Really, about 5 years, with one of the songs being close to 10 years old. We were only a three piece band up until 2020. FULL band rehearsals began about a year before we recorded the record.

Do you ever spend time just circling around the music and worrying about letting it go?

I’m not afraid to let a song or lyrics go if it doesn’t feel right. Our best songs are written fairly quickly because we just go with the flow with what feels good.

What do you grip onto most when it comes to the creative process?

I’m not sure. If the lyrics are good, and the music is good, we go with it. It sounds simply put, but I don’t know how else to describe it!

What was your writing process like and how did it affect you?

Usually, I’ll write a song and we add each instrument piece by piece. First bass, then drumms, then extra strings, then horns. It doesn’t always happen that way but that’s our general process.

Who do you trust to give advice if something is ready or not?

No one haha All of our songs are always developing over time. Even the old ones.

Give us your tour dates!!

May 3rd, Alabama Music Box (Mobile, AL) with Mephiskapheles

August 5th, True Story Brewing (Birmingham, AL) Punk Rock Art Show



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