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We are loving your vibe! It's so cool in your music! How did you figure out your sound?

Edem: Thanks so much. Our sound comes about organically. I follow my feelings and subconscious. Usually I “feel” a particular sound, then match that with whatever instrument/effect is appropriate. Really nothing to figure out regarding our KinderCrowdControl sound. It just happens and is. I am reminded of Charles Bukowski’s epitaph: “Don’t Try”.

Brett: We’re very proud of our sound. I can’t say that I’ve heard anything like it. It’s sonic art. What do you want to contribute to your fans through your music?

Edem: Of course great vibes, and a wonderful listening experience. We draw from a deep well. Inviting and taking the listener on an aural journey. The idea of getting a subject across, and inspiring thought. The idea of originality and the inspiration derived from that. The idea of following your own unique path, regardless of environmental/industry external influences.

Brett: To add on to what Edem said, we want to create a memorable listening experience. Sometimes that means throwing away what you’ve learned and sticking with what you feel. Who in your life has contributed most to your career?

Edem: So many people. I urge the readers to check out my Voyage L.A. Magazine interview from March of this year. Everyone is mentioned right there. Can’t say it better.

Brett: I can’t define it down to a specific influence since there are so many. Our journey has had many magical moments that stick out in my memory; sonically, visually, and emotionally. Recording lately?

Edem: Yes, thanks for asking! This is where Brett and my primary energies go. We usually have something on the stove. Right now we are working on a piece entitled "Što Da Radim” which is Croatian for “What To Do”. The idea was born of two parents; Brett suggested I take my double neck lap steel out from mothballs, get it restrung, and use it to write another piece. I use this instrument unconventionally. I play it as both a slide instrument and, as it has 16 strings, a harp, tuning the strings to create an extended and sympathetic drone melody. Very cool and unique sound. Sandra Ban, our Croatian celebrated artist/wordsmith, proposed the idea of coupling a Croatian ethnic melody with contemporary music. We love the idea of cross cultural music creation. Always have. Now with digital music and the internet, so much is possible.

Brett: Recording is what we do best. For us, it’s all about what comes out of those 2 speakers without any traditionally oriented music composition constraints, but we always try to present something that’s very listenable. Music we should be listening to? Where!

Edem: Any of our music. We always love our latest tracks though. Our recent releases include: “MMXX/Romans”, “Rhapsody in C19”, “Day Zero”, and “Eastside Western Remix Remaster MMXXI”. Some of my other favorites include “Audiobon”, “Buffalo Grass”, “Here”, “Nexxxus”, and “Bugsal’s 9th”. Also the entirety of “Selah” our first release, a beautifully packaged, numbered edition of 1000 by Bruce Licher of Independent Project Records out of Bishop, California. People should grab one of these. All our music can be Spotified under KinderCrowdControl (remember that's one word), and downloaded from Amazon and all other music outlets. We are planning on a more permanent platform such as Band Camp, but until then, please go here: All proceeds go to releasing more KCC music, so please support us!

Brett: Start from our latest release and move backward. We’re getting better all the time (now where have I heard that before) so our most recent tracks are where I’d advise you to start. Remember to download what you like. A few pennies here or there add up and help us continue to release more material. Socials! Thank you KinderCrowdControl! Thank you! Here you go: Instagram: kindercrowdcontrol Tik Tok: kindercrowdcontrol

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