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Singer/ Songwriter Constanza Herrero talks latest music video 'I Didn't Care'!

Congratulations on your release 'I Didn't Care'! Where did the song come from?

It came from a broken heart wanting to sing a hopeful song to it.

Did it have its challenges?

The actual process of writing this song went super smoothly. The melody and lyrics took their shape very quickly. Nevertheless, it is always challenging to be vulnerable and share part of your heart, especially when you release the song to the world. But I try to always think of the people I can encourage by doing so.

What is something you have to push yourself to do when making new music?

To just do it and not get caught up in my fears. I need to remind myself each day why I am making music and that motivates me to keep going.

What is something that comes effortlessly when making new music?

The melodic ideas and all the things that inspire me to write about.

Love the new music video! How did you come up with the idea of it?

I am so glad you did! I really wanted to incorporate dance movement to the visuals of the new songs I am writing at the moment as they all follow the theme of learning how to have hope and dance in the midst of pain. I contacted my good friend and professional dancer, Brooke Antariksa and she brought my other talented friend, Le Conte Banks, to choreograph and perform in my video. I am so happy with the results! The director Brandon Steadman really understood my vision with it. We were a small team but everyone went the extra mile to make it possible. I am so grateful.

Where can our audience go to watch it?

You can find my music video on my youtube channel Constanza Herrero Music.

Youtube Link:

Where else should they go to support everything Constanza?

Follow me on social media and music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @ConstanzaHerrero



Apple Music:

Facebook: @ConstanzaHerreroOfficial


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