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Singer/ Songwriter Alice June talks about freeing from our past in her new hit single 'Waterfall'.

Can you tell us the story behind the new music? Waterfall has been written in a very short time during a pandemic afternoon, and it's been a very spontaneous process. Waterfall speaks about freedom from the constraints of our past. It describes the moment of our life when we realize we are free to choose who we want to be. The intention is to give strength to the listeners, the atmosphere is melodic and with an engaging rhythm and it's inspired by the indie pop-rock UK sound.

What was a roadblock you had that made you take another path but at the end of it there was a much better reward? Some years ago I was in a band and at a certain point I realized they were blocking my creativity, I felt like my job and contribution were not appreciated as I was expecting and I was most of the time "pushed aside". So after some time, I decided to quit (it has been a hard decision by the way) and to create my own project and now I can say that the new path is the right one, because I can express myself 100%, collaborate with new great and professional people and this is giving me so much joy and satisfaction. What in your music catalogue gives you nostalgia? There are some unpublished songs of mine that give me a bit of nostalgia, but in general it's a feeling that I prefer not to feel, at least not for a long time. I prefer not to listen to nostalgic songs too. How would you describe your career trajectory in one word? Why?

I would describe my path with the word "perseverance". No path has a straight trajectory I think, so I believe that working hard on your projects step by step without giving up even in difficult situations is the right way to follow. Then the results will come as a consequence. Where we can follow ALL your music and YOU!

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