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Would You Let The Light In x my friends call me Mel

Held at a much more acoustic pace, 'Would You Let the Light In' is a slow, emotional ballad created by my friends call me Mel.

Her voice is like a feather bed as she smooths you over with soulful vocals that capture the listener as you soak in her lyrics. Melanie's music is raw and tender.

As she shares her vulnerability through each note she plays, the audience falls deeper into the melody.

Melanie's voice is crisp and clear with the emotion of every word she sings shining through in every note.

This song is dedicated to anyone who has struggled with mental health and also to the loved ones of those struggling. Mental illness is a silent epidemic and we need awareness and more open conversations to change this stigma and make help and healing possible.

Stream and support 'Would You Let the Light In' anywhere you listen to music.

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