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Who does the rising star Zavier O'Keith owe credit to when it comes to his success? Find out!

Talk to us about your latest music! “Interlude I: Hours” is the title of my upcoming EP. it’s going to be on all streaming platforms on August 6th and I couldn’t be more proud of it! Every song is a different genre and style of writing. I wanted to really show that I am not a one trick pony. Creating this EP has been so challenging and humbling. I’ve learned a lot about writing and different ways to express myself that best fit the different styles of music. For example, I could be raw and vulnerable for “Hours”, a 2000’s R&B song but I would need to be more harsh and straight-forward with “LEASH” which is my take on rock. When creating these songs I embodied a lot of the many phases I went through growing up and I felt as though my younger self was able to break through and express himself. How did you come up with the concept? It started with a Christmas song (“Santa Alright”) I wrote in 2020. Shortly after that, I wrote a cinematic, heavy song (“I Feel So”) and It wasn’t until I wrote “More!”, my take on pop, that I realized there may be something forming here. These three songs have little in common; just lyrical content and a possible story to be unfolded about my feelings and events in my life. I then went to the drawing board and didn’t stop creating until I had 7 songs after 7 months. I wanted to focus on creating songs that felt like they were for me. I wouldn’t think about what others thought about them or where they fit in the industry. Does the writing come first or the music? It’s different depending on the song. I’m usually just grabbing at ideas in the sky and letting the pieces fall into place. I will say that chords tend to come together faster than lyrics in my current writing process. I think I can feel around for messages better when I have chords. I used to write random lyrics all the time and just throw them on songs I make but that process started stressing me out! I also find myself singing gibberish into my notes in public. Who are you collaborating with next? I am currently working on a song with my brother who has been creating beautiful music and another collaboration with a good friend of mine! I don’t usually talk about collaborations because I’ve had my fair share of fall throughs in the past but I’m very confident about what we’re working on! Who do you give the biggest credit to when it comes to where you are in your career now? MYSELF! The amount of doubt, obstacles, fighting, etc. that I had to do to get to where I am today is inhuman. I’m very proud of myself because for a long time I didn’t think that I could sing, write, or produce. And when I felt okay at those things, I had to keep finding ways to create with what I did and didn't have. There have been so many discouraging situations that have left me hopeless for days at a time but I just get back up and keep creating because I feel empty without music. After a certain point though, my friends and supporters have been pouring so much love and life into me that fuels me to keep going. I am always so appreciative of them! Links please!



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