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Born to a drummer and pianist in Vicksburg, MS, Zechariah Lloyd woke up every morning to his mother playing on her baby grand. He began playing drums at age 11 on his father's drum set - cutting his teeth on Zeppelin & Skynyrd records he borrowed from his uncle and playing with the church band. After high school he ended up in Alaska for work, picking up the guitar, and crafting his songwriting skills. He showed back up in Mississippi a year later with long hair and a song to sing. In 2015, Zechariah Lloyd won the Vicksburg Blues Challenge and went on to represent the Vicksburg Blues Society in Memphis for the 2015 International Blues Challenge, where he made it as a finalist in the solo/duo division. Down to the River, his first single recorded with Plaid Dog Recordings (Boston, MA) was self-released in 2019 and was used to help crowdfund the full EP, titled “Heart in a Notebook.” in 2020, Down to the River won 1st place Blues for both the Unsigned Only Competition AND the International Songwriting Competition. It placed 2nd in Blues for the 2021 International Songwriting Competition. After delays attributed to the global pandemic, Zechariah & Plaid Dog Recordings were able to finish the EP in February of 2022. The EP, “Heart in a Notebook”, will be released to all public platforms July 14th, 2022. The single, “Heart in a Notebook” releases July 1st. While promoting the release of his current EP, Zechariah Lloyd has been and continues to work on his full-length album with producer, Billy Smiley, at The Sound Kitchen studios in Franklin, TN

Hi Zechariah! When you look at all the music you have made, what is the big picture for how you want your artistry to be seen?

I'd like to be seen as a Mississippi artist making genuine music, that's it!

You challenge the status quo, how did you identify your purpose for the music you wanted to put out?

Bouncing songs off of colleagues and mentors, I try to select tunes that have the strongest message and chance of relatability. Sometimes I will just pick the song cuz I like it ;)

When you create your body of work, are there boxes you must check or does everything evolve as it should be and you allow for the checklist to not be completely checked?

There's definitely boxes to check, but I allow for some to be skipped if necessary. And I'm always learning! Mistakes and successes alike, I'm figuring it out.

Could you give us some insight of what your checklist does look like if you have one?

Again, I'm learning here, but the BIGGEST box to check is "Does it sound good?" Other boxes I'm learning are important are social media, pr, exposure gigs, and interviews like this.

Who are you paying homage to for your vision as an artist?

I'd hope my late grandfather, Big PawPaw, is proud of me. He always supported my gifts in music, but was sure to make sure I knew it was a blessing and not to be taken for granted. As well as leading music at the church, he was a great role model for me and my brothers. He instilled in us the importance of hard work, charity, empathy, and a good sense of humor.

You are a visionary, please keep us in the loop of what your plans are for more music and WHERE you are headed next for your fans to connect with you?

We've got some big things working for 2023! Some new branding, new music recorded at BlueSky Studios in Jackson, MS and Wishbone Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL , and there may be a tour on the horizon... Next big show is December 27th at Tin Roof Memphis. 10pm, be there!


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